In order to help you better understand your basic business and financial attitudes, we have created a short questionnaire. There are no wrong answers. We will present you 16 different statements and ask you to express the level of agreement or disagreement with each one.

Choose the level of agreement with the statements below:

S.No. Question Answer
1I believe most people would be fair doing business with me.            
2I can easily rely on experts and delegate important job activities because I believe they will make good decisions.            
3I like to do micromanaging and closely follow carrying out business activities.            
4Usually, I don't need a second opinion concerning my investments.            
5My business is my way of life; I enjoy it so much that earnings are second important.            
6Investing in business development is one of the most important tasks in leadership.            
7I always tend to gain maximum from resources I already have.            
8Proven solutions and verified old routines that make income are the best.            
9When I make business decisions, I rely on the haunch, inner feeling which option is the best.            
10I often make decisions on the spur of the moment.            
11Usually, I research and collect a lot of information about the subject before I make business decisions.            
12I tend to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative in the decision-making process.            
13Thinking big is my business philosophy. I like to think big, plan big, and make big investments.            
14I believe there is a plenty of everything (opportunities, resources, wealth) in the world, and I can afford what I want in my life.            
15"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" is my business philosophy.            
16Imagine two separate and independent situations. In the first one, you find 500$ on the street. In the second one, you drop and lose 500$. If you compare the intensity of bad taste after losing money with the happiness after finding the same amount, the intensity of the bad feeling is stronger.